How to Be A DNA-Based Health Coach Webinar

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Introduction and Topics (0:00-1:55)

  • The goal of this webinar and the topics covered

Where to Learn About DNA (1:56-3:36)

  • “If you’re getting into this field, I’d recommend you learn a ton…”
  • How to learn about genetics – everything from using DNA in your health practice to genetic risk.

Fundamental Topics in DNA Health Consult (5:37-9:04)

  • The topics you should cover when doing a DNA Health Consult.
  • Common questions your clients will have.

Genetics Is Very Serious (9:05-10:16)

  • Treating genetics as it truly is

Putting together a Genetic Consult (10:17-12:09)

  • Why would a client be interested in looking at their genetics for health?
  • What kind of things you should be looking at in a genetic consult?

Health Intake Blueprint (12:10-14:58)

  • Asking the right questions to discover the major factors affecting their health.
  • Their past history, family history, their supplement intake, etc.

Integrating Genetics (14:59-17:27)

  • After gathering all their information, select the most relevant DNA reports for them
  • Do not throw everything at them at once – create a priority list.

Using the DNA Wellness Reports (17:28-20:52)

  • The major changes in the new DNA Wellness Reports
  • How we’re able to analyze so many variants with the same DNA test
  • How imputation works

Case Study Example (20:53-34:04)

  • Applying these principles to an actual client
  • Using Lab Test Analyzer to get more information from a client’s lab results
  • How to digest all the information in the DNA Wellness Reports

Putting Together Recommendations (34:05-35:54)

  • Adding & tracking recommendations to your clients regimen

General Consult Tips (35:55-37:50)

  • Sometimes, looking at the reports will provide us what we need.
  • Don’t necessarily need to go down a SNP rabbit hole or gene rabbit hole

DNA Based Practitioner Tips (37:51-41:17)

  • The best way to learn using DNA in your health practice
  • Choosing a niche

Submitted Questions From Practitioners (41:18-48:06)

  • What is the value and efficacy of measuring DNA vs measuring epigenetic markers?
  • How do you create a care plan from the DNA testing?
  • How do I become a DNA based health coach without being a doctor?
  • What is the most effective approach in educating patients on health from a genetic perspective?
  • What’s an effective and confidence-inspiring way to tell clients what a DNA-based health coach does?

Next Level Health Coaching: A Gene-Based Approach

You don’t need a Ph.D. to use a DNA-based approach in your health practice!

Watch Dr. Greg Nacarelli give the ins and outs of being a DNA health coach. Some things he mentions…

  • Providing a better, more holistic health coaching experience
  • How using DNA gets your clients results quicker and saves you from trial & error
  • Using DNA to stand out and retain more clients as a health coach

To show how much implementing DNA into your health practice makes you stand out…

I performed an experiment.

I typed “Health Coach” into LinkedIn to see how saturated the market truly is. I knew it was bad, but here’s how many results I got –

About 1,980,000 people advertise themselves as health coaches.

Here’s what came up when I typed in “DNA Health Coach”…

Only 15,000! That’s 99.24% less competition than for those that just call themselves an ordinary “health coach.”

You know better than I do, in this business you need to be different.

But this market isn’t staying small forever. Using DNA to improve health is becoming increasingly popular and coaches will soon catch onto the trend – like they always do.

This is Google’s chart showing the increase in popularity for DNA tests since 2004.

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How The Environment Can Affect Diseases

Does the environment play a role in your health?

Many diseases are influenced by many factors – including your genes, mutations, and environment. Although some of your genetic variants may mean you’re more at risk for certain diseases than others, your environment plays a huge role in determining the actual diseases or conditions you end up with.

Everyone is different

Your genes alone may not be the sole reason you develop certain health issues – let’s say you’re predisposed to developing anxiety, but your environment and stressors contribute to this, influencing your health. Because of the combination of all three, you begin to develop signs of an anxiety disorder.

Some people are more at risk of developing an anxiety disorder than others, and it may take fewer stressors and less environmental impact to develop, and vice versa.

SelfDecode Takes EVERYTHING Into Account

We use advanced algorithms and machine learning to understand how the changes in your genes play a role in your predispositions to complex genetic conditions.

With this information, we’re able to provide you with the most personalized diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations possible so that you can implement changes tailored to your body, and designed to help you reach optimal health.

Discovering how your genetics play a role in your health is the first step to feeling happier, healthier, and more optimal. Get your DNA Test Kit today and take the first step towards better health!

How To Use Your SelfDecode DNA Test Kit

Step 1: Register your SelfDecode DNA Test Kit

Just visit selfdecode.com/register and enter your DNA sample tube barcode, your name, ethnicity, sex, and birth year in the required fields.

Step 2: Gather your DNA sample

Make sure to not eat or drink at least 30 minutes before collecting your DNA sample! Remove the collection funnel and tube from the pack. Make sure the level of the liquid in the tube is at the 2ml line before use.

Unscrew the cap from the tube. Be careful not to spill the liquid and attach the collection funnel! Be sure to not over-tighten.

Start spitting into the funnel. Fill the tube with saliva until it reaches the 4ml line. If you have trouble producing the amount of saliva needed, try rubbing the inside of your cheek with your tongue, or massage the outside of your cheeks. You can even try thinking of biting into a sour lemon!

Unscrew the collection funnel and replace the tube cap tightly. You can now discard the funnel.

Shake the collection tube several times to mix the saliva with the solution. And you’re done!

Step 3: Send your DNA sample back to our lab

Place the DNA sample inside the specimen bag. After this, you can put your specimen bag into the box.

Put the entire box inside your prepaid return envelope. Now all you need to do is send it and forget it!

Wait 6-8 weeks. Once your results are ready, you will be notified via email. Happy decoding!

Discovering how your genetics play a role in your health is the first step to feeling happier, healthier, and more optimal. Get your DNA Test Kit today and take the first step towards better health!

What Is DNA?

Your DNA Is Your Body’s Blueprint.

Your DNA, AKA Deoxyribonucleic Acid – contains your genetic code. Everyone’s DNA is completely unique, because it’s made up of a code that varies from person to person. So, at least when we say, “You’ll never find anyone else like me!” you’re actually correct 😉

But what is a gene?

Genes are pieces of code in your DNA. Some genes are long (like, 2 million letters long) and some are shorter, like a few hundred letters long.

You get two copies of each gene: one from your mom, and one from your dad – resulting in your unique genetic code. EVERYONE carries slightly different versions of genes, and the places where your genes are different are called genetic variants.

Our unique combination of genetic variants is what makes us different from everyone else!

Some genetic variants are associated with health issues.

But here’s the interesting part: you can change the expression of many of your genes!

Although your genetic variants can impact your chances of developing certain diseases and other health issues, your unique genetic code can also affect the way your body responds to certain diets, supplements, and lifestyle choices!

Discovering how your genetics play a role in your health helps you understand your risks, but also gives you everything you need to reach optimal health.

Your DNA is your life code.

Take back control of your health and find out what your DNA has to say about you by checking your genes. Get started with your own DNA Test Kit and let SelfDecode help you on your journey to precision health!