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The general health panel looks at your overall health and wellness. These tests are used by doctors to get an idea of how healthy you are and where you can improve. Even when you are feeling healthy, these tests can let you “peek under the hood” to make sure everything is running well. This panel includes 67 markers to check your blood, immune system, heart, liver, kidney, and thyroid health, your overall metabolism, and mineral balance.

$398.00Price for members $199.00

Collection method: Blood

Number of tests included: 8

Preparation: When testing for this panel, it’s best if you can get your blood drawn in the morning. Several tests in this panel should be taken after a >8h fast. You can drink water, but don’t eat any food during this time. In addition, please do not exercise prior to testing. It’s best that your blood is taken in a rested state.

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